Our Team

Impoqo Games is formed by a group of friends who have decided create a videogame company.

Although each of the members have specific skills, they have to exceed their tasks because making a game is not easy and requires a lot of effort, so one day will have to write code and the next day make a character design and the other clean the toilets and yes, that work is as important as everything else.

Rubén Izquierdo
Rubén IzquierdoGame Designer
Self-taught and curious by nature. Rubén is not a geek, he is a level 20 mage and make the games look nice, or so he says.
Rodrigo Saulis
Rodrigo SaulisProgrammer
Great programmer, best screenwriter. Rodrigo is not only limited to writing code, sometimes he leaves the pot and changes the functions and variables by stories.
Oriol d'Armengol
Oriol d'ArmengolProgrammer
Craftsman of classes and functions on the noble art of coding. How can we not love it?