We open ourselves to the world!

For some time, in Impoqo Games we proposed a change in our methodology of work, creating games in the famous Jam Sessions created by the community.

The challenge of a Jam Session is to create a video game based on a theme agreed between all the participants in a period of time also agreed by the members.

In the first instance we participated in a Jam that only lasted a weekend. The theme chosen was the creation of a video game that happened in a room. It did not matter the genre, just that everything happened between four walls.

From this idea, we got to work creating a video game that allowed us to face all the challenges of GameDev: Problems with the version control system, bugs, code errors, problems with variables …

Everything is learned and with that impulse, we decided to publish the game on Itch.io, a website where indie developers publish their creations and everyone is free to download and play everything there.

We invite you to visit our personal page of Impoqo Games, where you can download and play our (so far) three creations: Color Catcher, The Zombie Club and Alchemy Garden.


Regards to all!