Hello everyone!

We are already here with a new update for Alchemy Garden and as you will see, this time we have taken a little longer to publish since we are taking things much slowly now. We want to do something really special and that deserves its time. As for programming, Oriol is doing a great job optimizing the crafting system and as the graphic aspect is concerned, Rubén is fully working on the new house. Let’s go there with the changes!

New House

In this version we have demolished the old house and we have built a new one, more bigger and with more details! There are still many things to finish, especially on the second floor, we plan to turn the second floor into a room for all our alchemists, as there is still nothing on the second floor, we have put a chest with a magnificent Ignis Rosy and a couple of Flamicites by way of compensation, so that you can create your favorite plants of fire!

The previous house was too “flat” since the game lacks textures – only the seed tags and the sign of the entrance have textures – making it difficult to perceive the elements of the game, you could not see the difference between a wooden floor and a stone, for example. Our aim in terms of graphic style is not to use textures that simulate materials if we do not make the models themselves make the shapes of wood, stone, grass etc …


Code Optimization

The core programming stuff is a part that the player never sees, but it is the most important by far, we have been working to improve and optimize the crafting scripts, we were very complex procedure to include new mixtures and seeds. Like the house, there is still a lot of work to do but at the moment we are very satisfied with the result.

With programming we are encountering a problem that seems very obvious but it is easy to forget: Every time we add new features we need to invest more time in the debug phase, so it is likely that sometimes the updates are delayed by this reason

Aside, Alchemy Garden is going to be a game that will handle many types of objects, so we need time to document the whole process and do things well, our priority for the next few weeks will be to create a database with all the elements of the game.


And well this is it, we will continue working to bring you more news, as always, thank you very much to everyone!