We are already another week here to tell you what we have been doing with our dear Alchemy Garden, let’s begin!


  • Water Level Indicator: Now you can see how much water a plant has just by approaching it.


  • Improved Sprinkler: We have improved sprinkler control to make it more comfortable to use.
  • General corrections.

New Plants

We have added 3 new plant types, along with their Lunar and Ignis variants. You can get them by mixing Daisy seeds together with the other basic seeds.

  • Dailium = Mix seeds Daisy with Lilium seeds.
  • Rosy = Mix seeds Daisy with Rose seeds.
  • Daitus = Mix seeds Daisy with Lotus seeds


For the moment this is everything, we want you to mix each of the elements in the game, we will do it little by little.

You can now download the latest version for both Windows and Mac from itch.io!
Until next week!