Alchemy Garden version 0.0.7 is now available for both Windows and Mac.
These are the new features of the latest version:


  • Alembic: Until now, you only had an alchemical table with which to mix the seeds with the potions but … Where can you make the potions? Now you can create them in this alembic we have created for you. Like everything else, this is a very early stage and needs a lot of design work to make it understandable and above all fun! At the moment, in this version you can only create Flamicitas, which are potions that turn your seeds into plants of fire.

  • Reforms in the house!: We have closed the two rooms that were in the house, both the bed room and the storage room as we will update the design of the house. Do not worry, in the main room you can keep your tools and objects.
  • Mining: Now you can take your ax and go to chop on any rock you find to get sulfur, we know, to chop rocks is more effective a peak, but our modeler does not work so fast!


  • Ambient Occlusion: In this version we released the Ambient Occlusion system for global illumination, now the objects are more visible, since everything being more “shaded” all the elements have a plus of depth and “realism”. At first does not affect excessively in the performance of the game, we will see to see how it evolves.


  • Lighting: Improved and optimized the “glow” effect for autoilluminated materials and lights.
  • Rocks: We have added rocks on the stage with the aim of giving more life and variety to the environment, until we have put a cave with something inside…
  • New Logotype. The graphic designer Clara Santo Domingo has made us a pretty cool logotype for the game, thank you so much!
  • New models for seed sacks: Now the seed sacks have a label that tells you what type of plant it is and in the bag you can see which element is treated in order to facilitate identification..



  • Ignis Plants: We have added the basic fire plants, they are warm, they light very well and … they can be watered with water! To create them, just mix any seeds together with a Flamicite on the alchemical table.



  • Flamicite: We have included a new type of potion, with the Flamicite you can create all kinds of Ignis plants! To create a Flamicite, you need to put in the alembic:
    • 1x Green Potion
    • 1x Sulfur
    • 1x Coal


To be able to perform the potions, you will need several components, we will add more as soon as we can, we have included these at the moment:

  • Coal: Obtained from the wood of trees burned in the fireplace.
  • Sulfur: Obtained from the rocks using the axe.


We have solved the following bugs:

  • Now you can not take the objects that are far away.
  • Now you can not pick up an object if you have a tool in your hand.Se ha eliminado el montículo de tierra de debajo de las plantas, ahora se ven mejor y no quedan tapadas.
  • The mound of soil has been removed from underneath the plants, now they look better and are not covered.
  • Fixed the carelessness of the door when open.
  • Fixed bug that made objects fall to infinity.
  • Now the plants are easier to collect.