Greetings Alchemists!

New Stuff

  • Silver: Silver is a new component in this update. Put Aquavitae, Coal and Silver in the alembic to create a Moonicite!
  • Silver Ore: You can find silver on the outside, use your pickaxe in the silver ores to gather it.
  • Petals: The flowers can now be removed from the garden to get the petals. At the moment they are useless, they will be used to make potions in the future.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • You can now carry the box correctly. Thanks Miriak for your help!
  • Several fixes on audio stuff.
  • The tools can now be putted inside the box.
  • Code and asset optimization.
  • Spark effects on gathering.

Known Issues:

  • The objects inside the box disappear when you load a previous saved game, be careful. We’ll fix it as soon as we can.