Hello Gardeners!

We are here another week to bring us some fresh stuff for Alchemy Garden, let’s go!

Random Generated Environment.

Oriol has been working very, very hard on a new spawn system for the outside of the map. All trees and rocks are included manually on the game until now, but now the environment is randomly generated on each new game, thats a pretty cool feature and we are very happy with it.


Now you can grab a pickaxe and go outside to gather some sulfur for your experiments. All the sulfur and coal we were in the house has been removed, because from now you can gather it on the outside.


Another big improvement, now you can grab a box and carry objects on it. This makes the object farming more interesting and fun!

Improved Animations

Rubén has been working on the pickaxe and hatchet animations and now these feels more realistic.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The environment volume has been lowered.
  • Rodrigo has been working on making the flowers not “disappear” anymore when you grow it with the watercan.
  • Exaggerated glow on Lunar Daisy has been fixed.
  • The firewood has no longer made a spawn sound every time when you load the game.
  • Gathering time for firewood increased.

And that’s all, this update is very important to us because we have included new mechanics to the game and that make us very happy. ^^

See you on the next week!