Hi gardnerers! How are you? Hope doing well ^^

We still working on Alchemy Garden to bring you the weekly update of the game. Here we go!

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted door collider, now the door collider is more bigger and there’s no more “trespassing effect” anymore.
  • The pickaxe and the watering can are rendereds on a different cameras when you pick them. This avoid the “trespassing objects” effect too. Thank you CoffeeBox for your pro tip!


This week Rubén has been working on the graphic changes branch, remodelling a few things and making new concept art.

  • Pickaxe model. As a future new feature, you can grab a pickaxe and farm some sulfur on the outdoor, this is the model.

  • Sulfur ore model. Model for the future Sulfur Ore, this is not the definitive version and the sulfur attached on that looks like gold, keep working on it.

  • New potion models. Now the Moonicite, Aquavitae and Flamicite potions has new models to make more difference each other.

  • The firewood has a new model too. Now looks more organic.


  • The ambient sound has been changed. We grab our recorder and went to the forest near our house for recording some amazing birds, now they are inmortalized on Alchemy Garden ^^
  • The door has now a opening sound, now feels more “real”.

And for the moment this is all for the 0.0.13 version. Form now on we will focus on the following:

  • Aquaviate crafting.
  • Moonicite crafting.
  • Grab components from growed flowers.
  • Seed mixing.