Hello Alchemists!

We are here to bring you another weekly update. Lets begin!

Bug Fixes

We have created a special thread on Alchemy Garden community forum, so you can report us all ingame bugs.

Lets see what have changed in this update:

  • Stairs colliders have been modified. Now you can not get stuck.
  • Size of wild plants. Now the wild plants no longer become giants when you grow it.
  • Build in ZIP format.
  • Removing unused assets & materials.
  • Code optimization.

Sulfur Ores Mining

Oriol is working right now in a new mining system for sulfur and another future metals, we hope implement the system on the next update.

New Seed Mixer

Rubén is working on the design of new Seed Mixer table, for now we only have the basic model.

Scene Changes

Rubén is also working on the world design, in this update he has put a basic moon on night cycle and minor modifications in the game scene.


We are very busy on our “real” jobs, the changes and new features are coming slowly but we will continue working hard on our free time!

See you next week!