Hi people!

This week we have a performance update, we have been adjusting some scripts and optimized the house to improve the performance. In addition we have made some minor changes in the graphics. Lets begin!

More Optimization

These are changes that the player will not notice, but for us it is a great improvement when introducing game content. Also, having fewer lines of code is always good for performance!

  • Prefabs optimization. The prefabs are no longer loaded from the Unity editor. Now it is a script job that detects the prefab route, it was necessary because it gave us many errors to have them in public variables regarding the save system.
  • Seeds crafting. We fixed a bug concerning the seed mix on the Alchemic Table.
  • Better performance in the house. We have been working on optimizing the house by removing unnecessary colliders and unifying elements.

Graphic Changes

  • Lunar flowers materials. The materials of the lunar flowers Lilium and Rose have been changed by some more suitable ones.

Well that’s all for this week, for the next update we would like to work on crafting tables, see what we can think.