[DevBlog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.22

Hello! The 0.0.22 build of Alchemy Garden is already here with important fixes regarding the gameplay so let's take a look at the news. BUG FIXES Object-picking system fixed.  0.0.21 version of Alchemy Garden had a rather serious bug where the player could not pick up and drop objects from the game, thanks to our [...]

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[DevBlog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.20

Hello! We have dedicated this week to fix some important bugs of the last versions. Water Tank Fixed bug that water particles to fill the tank were only visible the first time. Water Bucket Now the buckets do not lose the water. Sound Now the "Watering Can" does not sound when the game is paused. [...]

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[DevBlog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.19

Player We have increased the movement speed and sprint of the player. Now the player can jump. Fireplace Fixed bug that did not allow to burn more wood. Now the sound of the fireplace is 3D, so you will not hear it when you leave home. Credits and thanks. We have inserted credits in the [...]

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[DevBlog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.17

Hello everyone! We are in the middle of summer and that means that it is very hot. This week we have been working on an important and necessari feature: water. It is the last step to complete the core gameplay of Alchemy Garden, once the system is implemented the player will be able to crate [...]

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[DevBlog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.16

Hello Alchemists! The 0.0.16 version of the game has been delayed this week. This is our first game as a team and we have a lot of innexperience, so we are learning from a painfull "hit and miss" process. Basically worked wrong with the version control software and we have payed the bill. Anyway, we'll show [...]

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[DevBlog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.15

Greetings Alchemists! New Stuff Silver: Silver is a new component in this update. Put Aquavitae, Coal and Silver in the alembic to create a Moonicite! Silver Ore: You can find silver on the outside, use your pickaxe in the silver ores to gather it. Petals: The flowers can now be removed from the garden to get [...]

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[Devblog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.14

Hello Gardeners! We are here another week to bring us some fresh stuff for Alchemy Garden, let's go! Random Generated Environment. Oriol has been working very, very hard on a new spawn system for the outside of the map. All trees and rocks are included manually on the game until now, but now the environment [...]

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[Devblog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.13 Update

Hi gardnerers! How are you? Hope doing well ^^ We still working on Alchemy Garden to bring you the weekly update of the game. Here we go! Bug Fixes Adjusted door collider, now the door collider is more bigger and there's no more "trespassing effect" anymore. The pickaxe and the watering can are rendereds on [...]

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[Devblog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.12

Hello Alchemists! We are here to bring you another weekly update. Lets begin! Bug Fixes We have created a special thread on Alchemy Garden community forum, so you can report us all ingame bugs. Lets see what have changed in this update: Stairs colliders have been modified. Now you can not get stuck. Size of [...]

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[Devblog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.11

Bug Fixes This week Oriol has been working on the creation of a small patch in the hotfix branch that solves several bugs. Plants now grow with the hours of the day. The fruits should come out in their box when loading the saved game. Once again there is a bag of Ignis seeds in [...]

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