[Devblog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.9

Hello everyone! We are already here with a new update for Alchemy Garden and as you will see, this time we have taken a little longer to publish since we are taking things much slowly now. We want to do something really special and that deserves its time. As for programming, Oriol is doing a [...]

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[DevBlog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.8

We are already another week here to tell you what we have been doing with our dear Alchemy Garden, let's begin! Playability Water Level Indicator: Now you can see how much water a plant has just by approaching it. Improved Sprinkler: We have improved sprinkler control to make it more comfortable to use. General corrections. [...]

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[DevBlog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.7

Alchemy Garden version 0.0.7 is now available for both Windows and Mac. These are the new features of the latest version: Playability Alembic: Until now, you only had an alchemical table with which to mix the seeds with the potions but ... Where can you make the potions? Now you can create them in this [...]

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[Devblog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.5

  This has been a small update since 90% of our time we have invested in developing another prototype for the Ludum Dare which we will talk about soon. How to get the latest version of this version: Nuevo diseño en el menú principal, with the rush to finish thesave system for the 0.0.4 we did [...]

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Our latest creation: Alchemy Garden

A big surprise! Good afternoon everyone!. Our last creation, Alchemy Garden, a prototype in which the main idea of ​​the game is the management of a garden and to combine its fruits to obtain potions, has had a success in the web of Itch.io of which we rejoice immensely. In just two weeks, the game [...]

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