[DevBlog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.21

Hello! We're here another week to talk about what's been for version 0.0.21 of Alchemy Garden. IMPROVEMENTS Improved pick up and dropping system, now you can see an arrow that shows where an object is going. This greatly facilitates the planting of flowers in the garden, since now you can see where you are going [...]

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[DevBlog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.18

Hello gardeners! This week we bring you a great novelty: the water system. From now on you can create Aquavitae using the water tank, we have removed the "free stuff" boxes because you will not need them anymore. New Item: Water Water is the basis of life and something we wanted to bring into the [...]

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Impoqo Games on Itch.io

We open ourselves to the world! For some time, in Impoqo Games we proposed a change in our methodology of work, creating games in the famous Jam Sessions created by the community. The challenge of a Jam Session is to create a video game based on a theme agreed between all the participants in a [...]

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