A big surprise!

Good afternoon everyone!.

Our last creation, Alchemy Garden, a prototype in which the main idea of ​​the game is the management of a garden and to combine its fruits to obtain potions, has had a success in the web of Itch.io of which we rejoice immensely.

In just two weeks, the game already has more than 1300 downloads for all versions. The game already has three revisions and our intention is to provide a weekly update in which we will add new features that make the game more attractive.

The game is actually just a prototype, an idea created for a Jam Session. Our idea is that little by little the game allows to create new potions, we will add new plants and trees, perhaps some enemy … we have many ideas and possibilities!


We would also like you to give us ideas. Things you may like. Any idea, as crazy as it may seem, can become a genius!

A greeting to all. And thanks for the support