Alchemy Garden 0.0.6 is now available for Windows and Mac. This time we bring you the following news.


The graphic changes in this version are oriented to make more coherent the world of Alchemy Garden:

  • The terrain has been changed to flat style, it does not make sense that the mountains are rounded when the rest of the elements of the stage are not.
  • The flowers are now based on real flowers, with the intention of giving a more organic touch to the game.
  • We have eliminated the lawn, it was not bad but like the mountains did not fit in the set, we have put some planters with sand, also now the game has won in terms of performance.
  • General improvements in some materials.
  • General improvements in lighting, there is still much work to do with lighting, especially when it is night, we hope to improve it as soon as possible.


  • Wildflowers, now to get seeds you must go out to pick up wild flowers that grow under the trees.
  • The seeds in the warehouse have been removed.
  • Hunger system, the speed with which hunger has increased has slowed.

In the next version we will work on the possibility of creating your own potions, without depending on what is in the store.