[Devblog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.13 Update

Hi gardnerers! How are you? Hope doing well ^^ We still working on Alchemy Garden to bring you the weekly update of the game. Here we go! Bug Fixes Adjusted door collider, now the door collider is more bigger and there's no more "trespassing effect" anymore. The pickaxe and the watering can are rendereds on [...]

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[Devblog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.12

Hello Alchemists! We are here to bring you another weekly update. Lets begin! Bug Fixes We have created a special thread on Alchemy Garden community forum, so you can report us all ingame bugs. Lets see what have changed in this update: Stairs colliders have been modified. Now you can not get stuck. Size of [...]

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[Devblog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.11

Bug Fixes This week Oriol has been working on the creation of a small patch in the hotfix branch that solves several bugs. Plants now grow with the hours of the day. The fruits should come out in their box when loading the saved game. Once again there is a bag of Ignis seeds in [...]

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[Devblog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.10

Hi people! This week we have a performance update, we have been adjusting some scripts and optimized the house to improve the performance. In addition we have made some minor changes in the graphics. Lets begin! More Optimization These are changes that the player will not notice, but for us it is a great improvement [...]

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[Devblog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.9

Hello everyone! We are already here with a new update for Alchemy Garden and as you will see, this time we have taken a little longer to publish since we are taking things much slowly now. We want to do something really special and that deserves its time. As for programming, Oriol is doing a [...]

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