[Devblog] Alchemy Garden 0.0.5

  This has been a small update since 90% of our time we have invested in developing another prototype for the Ludum Dare which we will talk about soon. How to get the latest version of this version: Nuevo diseño en el menú principal, with the rush to finish thesave system for the 0.0.4 we did [...]

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Our latest creation: Alchemy Garden

A big surprise! Good afternoon everyone!. Our last creation, Alchemy Garden, a prototype in which the main idea of ​​the game is the management of a garden and to combine its fruits to obtain potions, has had a success in the web of Itch.io of which we rejoice immensely. In just two weeks, the game [...]

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Impoqo Games on Itch.io

We open ourselves to the world! For some time, in Impoqo Games we proposed a change in our methodology of work, creating games in the famous Jam Sessions created by the community. The challenge of a Jam Session is to create a video game based on a theme agreed between all the participants in a [...]

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